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 Our New Design RJ45 Plug

1,Interesting:there are different patterns which can be any shape like an apple,a loving heart or a lovely smile face,also could be a solemn national flag......etc,making our life colorful.
2,Beautiful design:our new connectors has the various  patents with different color that the traditional ones with just single color doenst have .It is so lively,artistic and full of culture.
3,Advertising:Any logo or advertisement can be designed in the pattern according to customers’ request which will impress the users,thus bringing brand name benefit and advertising benefit.
4,Convenient:It is much more convenient to wiring,easier to be distinguished from one cable to another cable,easier for the serviceman to find out the problem cable to maintain or exchange it.
5, Comfortable: For traditional connector,  when u press the shrapnel of the connector in operation,it may prick your finger if without boot. But it is not direct if with boot. But our connector with a wide butt at the end of the shrapnel doesnt have this realizes easy-plug/unplug,comfortably-plug/unplug.
6.Special design:The CAT7 RJ45 connector is suitable for 1.45mm OD of each conductor,and 8.0mm OD of patch cable at most.
7.Global patent protection: We applied more than 100 PCT global patents.Protect our unique originality worldwidely!